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Learn the Science and Practice of Yoga

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

"There is one path in the world that none can walk but you. Where does it lead? Don’t ask, walk!”

—Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

My first ever blog post. This is a monumental day. Those who know me dearly know that mustering up the courage to create and publish this site was no easy task. Putting my thoughts and opinions out for the world to see scares me to say the least. (ProTip: read the works of Brené Brown and Parker Palmer if you want to learn about courage, vulnerability, and discovering your authentic self).

The catalyst for this initiative is the course I'm co-instructing on edX called The Science and Practice of Yoga, a free 6-week online course. A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to be exact.

In this course, I've worked tirelessly to create content on topics ranging from the science of well-being, to meditation, to the stress response, to finding meaningful social connections. I've gathered all of the knowledge I've learned from my research and from the brilliant minds that have come before me to create short, digestible videos and readings for anyone to view. While the course has plenty of how-to yoga videos led by my PIC, Stacy Dockins, the course centers on awareness, on self-realization, on pressing pause on our fast-paced lifestyles so that we can observe the nature of our minds and bodies.

While I have many worries about how the course will be received, I'm ridiculously excited. Excited to learn from people all over the world (we have people from 170 countries signed up! Bhutan? Somalia?!) and excited to put my thoughts out into the world rather than keeping them bottled inside. What an incredible opportunity; a gift for which I feel immense gratitude.

Thanks to all who have chosen to walk this path with me.

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